Padel Phuket

What is Padel?

Padel originated in Acapulco, Mexico by Enrico Corcuera in 1969. Since then, it has been immensely popular in Spain, Argentina, Chile and of course Mexico. Since 2010, Padel has been growing and becoming more popular and have been considered the fastest growing sports in the world.

It is a racket sports which is combination of Tennis and Squash. It is played in an enclosed court around 25% smaller than of a normal tennis court.

About Padel Court


20x10 M


0,92 M

WALL height

4 M


Artificial Grass

The Padel court

Padel is a mix between Tennis and Squash. It’s usually played in doubles on an enclosed court surrounded by walls of glass and metallic mash. The court is one third of the size of a tennis court.

Padel racquet
and ball

The game is quick and easy to learn, making it a fun and addictive sport to play. Using a short, stringless racquet with an elastic surface with holes and a low compression tennis ball, the service is made underarm. Shots are played either before or after the ball bounces off the surrounding glass walls, adding a unique dimension to the sport over conventional tennis.


A Padel court is 20 meters long and 10 meters wide with the back walls being made of glas up to a hight of 3 meters, whereas the glas side walls end after 4 meters. The walls can be made of glas or another solid, even material like concrete. The rest of the court is closed using a metallic mesh to a hight of 4 meters. At the middle of the playing field there is a net dividing the court in two. It has a maximum height of 88 cm in the center, raising to 92 cm at both sides. These fields are than divided in the middle by a line and another line three meters from the back wall marks the service area.


The scoring and rules are very similar to Tennis, with the biggest difference being that the serve in Padel is underarm and that balls can be played off the glass walls in a similar way as in Squash. The rules allow for the use of the back and sidewalls, which results in longer rallies than in a conventional tennis match. Points are won rather by strategy than by strength and power.

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